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Customising your Laguiole knife

The Laguiole knife is an authentic product that often becomes sentimental and unique to its owner. Moreover, it is an ideal gift that can be offered on different occasions: Christmas, birthday, Mother's or Father's Day, wedding, or even as a company gift. An exclusive event that requires special customisation!

Indeed, each person is unique, and the Laguiole knife that will perhaps accompany him throughout his life, must also be unique. This is why Laguiole Village, a cutlery maker who is very attached to the traditional know-how of the Laguiole region, in Aubrac, offers a complete customisation service for your knife. Everything is possible, the only limit is your imagination!

A tailor-made and 100% personalised Laguiole knife

Thanks to the equipment we have in our cutlery workshop, we can customise our knives according to your wishes and needs. Make the Laguiole your own and design one that suits you. It is possible to choose pre-designed models in our physical shops or on our website, but you also have the possibility to choose all the characteristics of your future Laguiole knife: handle size and material, blade type, spring, bee, finish, or engraving. Our team of craftsmen will take care of implementing your every wish.

Thanks to its workshop, Laguiole Village can be very flexible and can create your knives on demand in unique pieces or in thousands of copies if needed.

The engraving of your Laguiole knife, for a unique result

Having your knife engraved is a great way to make it truly unique and personal. We have the equipment and the know-how to engrave it. Our laser machine allows us, in addition to personalizing your product, to deliver it to you finished in record time. As the engraving of the steel is a stage of production that we carry out ourselves, we offer very reasonable deadlines, for your greater satisfaction. It is possible to make an inscription, whether it is a first name, initials, a date or any word, all this free of charge (nb: engraving is not available on damascus blades). 

If you wish to have a fully personalised Laguiole knife, contact us! Our team is at your disposal, either by phone or by email, to accompany and advise you in the creation of your knife. You can also draw your project or design a prototype in any way and send it to us. We have no limits except your imagination.