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Water jet cutting

High precision for unsurpassed performance and quality

At Laguiole Village, we make knives with the aim of perpetuating an exceptional know-how to which we are very attached and which echoes our roots in Aveyron.

We want to provide a finished product of the highest quality, which is why we use an innovative machining process that is unique in the cutlery industry: water jet cutting. Among other things, this technique allows the molecular composition of the metals to be respected and guarantees a longer life for the blade.

How does waterjet cutting work?

Waterjet cutting of materials is an industrial technique from the boiler making sector, which allows different types of elements to be cut. Pure water can attack soft materials such as rubber, foam etc... But mixed with an abrasive element such as sand, the water jet can also cut harder materials such as metals (aluminium, steel, titanium, stainless steel,...), glass or even stone.

The operation of this industrial cutting technique is very simple: a fine jet of water at very high pressure (with or without an abrasive) strikes the surface of a workpiece to create material removal and separation. This allows all kinds of parts to be cut, from the most fragile to the strongest, from the thinnest to the thickest, with great precision and little residue. This cutting technique can be used to produce finished parts as well as prototypes.

At Laguiole Village, we decided to adopt this technique in our cutlery workshop as it does not generate heat and spoilage, and promises high precision with smooth, blemish-free edges.

What are the advantages of the water jet cutting technique?

The advantages of our high pressure water jet cutting machine are numerous and allow us to offer you high quality and totally customised knives:

- No deformation of materials.

- A saving of material.

- Ecological cutting: cold work, no toxic gas emissions.

- Great freedom of creation.

- Customisation without material restrictions.

Water jet cutting for Laguiole Village knives

As you will have understood, it is with a concern for performance and respect for materials that we use water under high pressure to cut the various parts of our knives. This technique also echoes values that are dear to us: respect for the environment and the promotion of our terroir and know-how.

Thanks to the waterjet cutting process, we promise our customers a great deal of flexibility and freedom of expression, allowing them to create the knife that suits them in every way. Indeed, this mastery of avant-garde technologies and traditional know-how finds its expression in Laguiole Village with the only limit being the imagination of its customers.

We are able to offer you a unique service, which adapts the production to your desires without any constraints. You have the opportunity to fully customise all the knife models by choosing the size, the material, the design or the colour. The original qualities of the product remain intact: elegant line of the knife, irreproachable cutting edge of the steel, resistance to any test of the blade and the spring...