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About us

100% French knife manufacturer

Laguiole Village is a traditional cutlery company, whose workshop is located in Espalion, a few kilometres from Laguiole.
It was born from the collaboration between two enthusiasts: Cathy Capelle and Francis Blandinières.

Each cutler makes his knife from A to Z, from the first step to the last. So your future knife has a soul, it reflects the one who shaped it.

Laguiole Village, or the story of a meeting.

It is no coincidence that Cathy Capelle Blandinières is now at the head of Laguiole Village. Founder of a famous brand of Laguiole knives, she has been working as a cutler for over 25 years, faithful to her origins in the north of the Aveyron. Fascinated by the cutlery tradition of her native land, it was in 1992 that she began her career. It was then by travelling the world through numerous international exhibitions and various commercial missions that Cathy forged the reputation of Laguiole. Today, Cathy proudly carries the image of Laguiole Village with her solid experience in export and her long expertise in the trade. She is determined to breathe new life into the Laguiole knife so that it remains a legendary knife while enjoying a new lease of life.

Francis Blandinières, a former manufacturer of aeronautical parts for Airbus, has taken up the challenge of combining craftsmanship with aeronautical techniques. In 2013, after a 30-year career, this aviation lover decided to set up in Espalion and to start manufacturing and assembling Laguiole knife pieces. The craft industry, a totally different path from the one Francis had intended, but one in which he is familiar with the technique. He has mastered the manufacture of mechanical pieces since he was very young. Francis, a creator at heart, uses manufacturing processes for parts used in the aeronautics and the automobile industry.

As you will have understood, this duo, combining experience and innovation, is entirely at the service of traditional Laguiole cutlery, in order to offer products of an extreme quality and to get off the beaten track.

Laguiole Village, a traditional but innovative know-how

From the very beginning, Laguiole Village's watchwords have been tradition and innovation. A fine combination that allows us to offer quality products that you don't see everywhere, while maintaining strong values linked to the Aveyron region especially.

The Laguiole pieces are cut with a water jet, an ecological process which allows a great flexibility of manufacture and especially a better quality of assembly. This technique also allows the creation of new models. We have thus begun to create many new knives: the Espalion, the Antartica, the Loki, the Laguiole à pompe, the Légende, the Lancelot, the Laguiole Ponts de Paris, the Vintage, the Saint Côme. The Espalion is the knife of the company's home town. The shape of its handle is inspired by the Pont Vieux of Espalion. The Antartica was built in partnership with Jean-Louis Etienne, the great French explorer. Indeed, the latter has set up the Polar Pod mission in Antarctica. The aim of this mission is to collect data for scientists and researchers in order to protect the environment.

The Loki is a model imagined by the young cutlers of Laguiole Village. All the other models are also original creations: the Saint Côme pays tribute to Cathy's native village; the Laguiole with pump lock and the Légende offer a new concept; the Lancelot revisits the spirit of the old Laguiole; the Laguiole Pont de Paris celebrates the city of light; the Vintage, with its retro feel, will delight those nostalgic for a bygone era. Finally, the 4810 was created in honour of Mont Blanc.

Laguiole Village has also registered a patent. It is the first and only cutlery company to manufacture the Laguiole table knife with a forged bee. Although the folding Laguiole knife with the forged bee has existed for a very long time, no cutlery company had yet taken up this challenge for the Laguiole table knife.