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Forged bee, our patent

The first Laguiole knives were made at the end of the 19th century, but it was not until the early 1900s that they were given what would become their symbol: the very famous Bee, also known as the "Fly" in cutlery jargon.

Why this insect ?

Legend has it that it was Napoleon who gave this coat of arms to the people of Laguiole as a tribute to their great bravery. The reality may be quite different, but in any case, Laguiole knives now have a bee on the spring, which makes them so recognisable (although this symbol is not a sign of authenticity).

Forged bee or welded bee?

The traditional Laguiole knife used to be designed exclusively with the forged bee, thus forming a single piece with the spring, made by crushing the piece under heat. However, another less resistant technique arrived with the development of industrial cutlery and the desire to produce faster and at lower cost: the welded bee. The latter is obtained by welding the part to the knife spring.

The forged bee is a sign of quality and heritage of a real traditional know-how, whereas the welded bee echoes a less worked and therefore more down-market product. As we are fervent defenders of quality and authenticity, we do not offer Laguiole folding knives with a welded bee.

The Forged Bee on table knives, a patent registered by Laguiole Village.

Laguiole Village is very attached to tradition and to the quality of the product from its region, and is the only cutlery manufacturer to produce a Laguiole table knife with a forged bee. The knife is then made up of the blade and the bee, in one piece, which gives it a more supple, fine and linear appearance.

The difference between a knife with a forged bee and a welded bee is obvious:

- From the point of view of quality, the bee can no longer come loose because it is one with the blade, which makes it a very resistant product over time.

- Aesthetically speaking, there is no longer a cut between the bee and the spring.

- Finally, it is easier to personalise the bee and the blade on a table knife with the forged bee.

This new method of producing the Laguiole knife is our own. In fact, we have the exclusive right to use it thanks to a patent registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property in 2014.