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How to choose your knife ?

Laguiole Village offers you a very wide choice of knives made in France by our craftsmen in the birthplace of the famous Laguiole knife. A judicious mix of tradition, modernity and innovation that allows us to offer quality products that respect the legendary soul of this iconic knife.

Simple pleasure or the desire to own a quality product that lasts over time, sometimes even a true family tradition, there are many reasons to own a Laguiole knife. Everyone can find something to suit them, but it is necessary to choose your model carefully so that it adapts to your needs.

What will you use your knife for ?

The first thing to ask yourself, which will be decisive in the choice of your knife, is the use you wish to make of it. Indeed, a Laguiole knife can be useful for eating, cooking, or accompanying you in outdoor activities such as mushroom picking, fishing or hunting. This will lead you to a folding knife, commonly known as a "pocket knife", which slips easily into the pocket and remains extremely practical, or a table knife, which comes in different models such as cheese knives, dessert knives, bread knives, sommeliers’ knives, etc...

What size should you choose for the handle of your knife ?

To determine the length of the handle of your knife, it will be necessary to take into account the size of your hand. The classic size for a man's knife is 12cm, while an 11cm handle is more suitable for ladies. Finally, the so-called "bag knife" or children's knife will be around 10cm. Of course, this must be adapted to the individual case. The use of your knife will also come into play here. If you want to be able to carry it easily and have it accompany you in your various activities, you should choose a knife that is the right size when closed.

What type of blade should I choose ?

At Laguiole Village, we offer three different types of steel for the blades of our knives :

14C28N STEEL for our folding knives

14C28N is the latest stainless steel developed by Sandvik, it has a very good corrosion resistance and remains particularly easy to resharpen. It has a very fine cutting edge and provides a perfect combination of hardness and corrosion resistance. Some of our blades are still made of 12C27, a slightly lower grade than 14C28N, but with excellent cutting properties.

X35CR16N STEEL for our table knives

X35CR16N is a martensitic stainless steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and a very high cutting quality. As it is doped with nitrogen and without carbon, its resistance to corrosion is increased. It therefore reaches a hardness of 58 HRC (HV680 Vickers hardness marked on our table knives).

DAMAS STEEL for our high-end knives

Damascus carbon : The legendary reputation of the Damascus blade is well established. Its beauty and resistance make it an exceptional blade. The quality of the Damascus blade lies in the fact that it alternates between different layers of steel with varying degrees of carbon content. These different steels are welded, bent, hammered and forged to obtain more or less complex patterns. Laguiole Village is committed to preserving an ancestral know-how through its Damascus carbon blades, forged by a specialised craftsman.

DAMAS STEEL for our high-end knives

Japanese Damascus : Japanese Damascus steel is a stainless Damascus, a sandwich stainless Damascus (VG10 core sandwiched between a hard and a soft steel), made in partnership by a Japanese craftsman. It is characterized by its razor sharpness.

What material for the handle?

The choice of material for the handle of your future knife will inevitably be influenced by your tastes.
However, you should also take into account that some materials are more fragile than others and require special care. 

Here is an overview of our different ranges of knife handles :

Nature Collection

The Nature collection represents the origins of the Aubrac plateau and consists exclusively of wood and horn products.

The main elements of our beautiful region are nature and its abundant forests that change with the seasons, as well as its green meadows where the Aubrac cows with their made-up eyes like to laze around.

Different woods

Laguiole Village wooden products are manufactured in compliance with the Washington Convention or CITES. We do not use any wood threatened with extinction.

Whether they are natural (such as olive, juniper, thuja, boxwood, pistachio, birch, oak, ebony), stabilised and stained (beech, poplar, chestnut, maple) or noble and rare such as ironwood, you will find a whole range of woods for your knife.

Natural materials

The horn tip 

We only work with the horn tip, which, as the name suggests, is located at the end. This part is plain and therefore more solid and resistant.  It can be blond or black, flamed.

Deer antlers :

The material of choice for hunters.

Exceptional materials

Rare and precious materials :

Mammoth or warthog ivory, mammoth molar, mother of pearl or fossil coral will make your knife unique.

Aquarelle Collection

CRYLUX is a synthetic glass, an acrylic with amazing properties:

 - Transparent : As transparent as crystal (92% light transmission).

- Resistant : 10 times more resistant than glass.

- Light : 2 times lighter than glass.

- Completely recyclable.

- Dishwasher safe.

Collection Performance

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is characterised by a mesh in shades of grey. Carbon fiber is composed of agglomerated carbon atoms that form microscopic crystals.

The alignment of these crystals gives carbon fibre great strength. Several thousand fibres are wound together to form a yarn. Carbon fiber has many advantages :

– Strong

– Flexible

– Thin/lightly bulky

– Quality appearance

G10 - Fibreglass

G10 has small black scales. It is a fabric made of layers of fibreglass with an epoxy resin. The advantages of choosing fibreglass :

- High impact resistance

- Durable

- Resistant to moisture

- Quality of appearance

POM - Polyacétal

POM or polyacetal is a semi-crystalline opaque material with a smooth black appearance. It is a very resistant material, dishwasher safe, even under intensive use.

– Light

– Shockproof

- Resistant to moisture

- Quality of appearance

Folding Knives Collection

The main characteristic of the collection is the diversity of the products it offers.

Indeed, for each knife, a range of materials is suggested.

You will find all the materials proposed by the Nature, Aquarelle and Performance collections as well as other more specific ones such as molar or mammoth ivory.

Laguiole Village can also satisfy any special request, whether it be in the choice of handle or blade.

We are able to make a custom-made knife to suit your needs.