Table knives


  • Espalion

    The Espalion collection was created to highlight the village in which the Laguiole Village workshop is located. 

    The slightly curved handle of the knife recalls the shape of the Old Bridge of Espalion. On some of them, the bridge is engraved by hand.

  • Alpin

    Laguiole Village has managed to bring out the traditional soul of a knife with over 100 years of history, by reviving this ancestral knife typical of the Alps. Thus Laguiole Village offers different models of this knife in order to satisfy the greatest number of people.

  • 4810

    The 4810, the Mont Blanc knife was originally created for our Chamonix shop.

    The Mont-Blanc chain is chiselled on the spring.

  • The Erwall

    The Stade Toulousain knife takes its name from the Ernest Wallon stadium. The handle of each knife is shaped in the colours of the Stade Toulousain and its oval shape pays tribute to the king of rugby.

  • New Creation

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